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Call for Clarity Over Terms of Dodgy DUP Deal



Urgent clarity is needed over the Tory Government’s dodgy deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) the SNP has said, as Scottish Secretary David Mundell MP’s claims that any funding will be via the Barnett formula are contradicted by those close to the negotiations who insist they will buy DUP votes outside of the Barnett formula, preventing funding being passed to Scotland and Wales.

The news presents a key test for Mr Mundell and the new Tory MPs from Scotland, after Mr Mundell said in the Sunday Post that the Tories are “going to have a totally transparent arrangement with the DUP. I’m not going to agree to anything that could be construed as back-door funding to Northern Ireland. There are rules. The Barnett Formula is to Scotland’s advantage. I’m not going to do anything to prejudice it. Any funding that goes to Northern Ireland then Barnett rules will ensure the appropriate funding comes to Scotland.”

Mr Mundell’s comments are a stark contrast to those reported in the Sunday Telegraph, which suggest any additional funding will not be delivered through Barnett, leading to questions over who is telling the truth about the backroom DUP deals.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson said:

“The initial reported details of this deal are exactly as predicted and prove that Theresa May is prepared to bribe the DUP to cling to power after her snap election backfired, showing that the Tory austerity agenda has been little more than a political choice.

“If Northern Ireland is to receive more in funding because the DUP are prepared to prop up the Tories, additional funding must come to Scotland as Barnett consequentials. Anything less would be a democratic outrage.

“The Scottish Secretary has said that any deal would be delivered through the Barnett formula, while Tory colleagues are suggesting that funding for a DUP deal would not, leaving serious questions over who can be trusted on this vital issue.

“Mr Mundell and his Scottish Tory colleagues must make it perfectly clear to Theresa May that a deal with the DUP that gives Northern Ireland preferential treatment on funding would be wholly unacceptable, otherwise they’d be entirely culpable in seeing their own constituents lose out.

“The SNP will always stand up for Scotland’s interests - the question is, will Scottish Tory MPs do likewise?”

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