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Queen's Speech - May a Lame Duck PM Leading a Lame Duck Government

QUEEN’S SPEECH – MAY A LAME DUCK PM LEADING A LAME DUCK GOVERNMENT YEARS OF TORY INFIGHTING HAVE BROUGHT GOVERNMENT TO A COMPLETE STANDSTILL Commenting on the contents of the Queen’s Speech this afternoon, Patricia Gibson said: “Theresa May is in office, but clearly not in power. She is a lame duck Prime Minister leading a lame duck government. “It took the Prime Minister just four days to ditch her first flagship manifesto policy and it’s taken barely four weeks for her to ditch the rest. “There was nothing in this programme to try and turn around the UK's faltering economy, or how to support our under-pressure public services. “Years of Tory infighting over Europe has ultimately led us to this moment. They have effectively brought government to a state of political paralysis and people across the UK are paying the price. “No one can have any confidence in this UK Tory Government's ability to speak on Scotland’s behalf in vital Brexit negotiations. This makes it all the more vital that Scotland has a seat at the negotiating table. “While the Tories have given up on the day job, SNP MPs will push for an alternative to austerity and new measures to boost economic growth. We cannot afford to wait for this inept UK Tory Government to get its act together.”

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