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Mundell Must Keep Promise on Scotland's Funding

MUNDELL MUST KEEP HIS PROMISE ON SCOTLAND’S FUNDING David Mundell MP “will be held to account" over his promise to refuse to support additional funding for Northern Ireland outwith the Barnett formula in the event of a Tory deal with the DUP, the SNP has said today. Patricia Gibson MP warned that the promise will be the first test for Tory MPs representing Scottish constituencies on whether they will stand up for Scotland's interests or sell us out at the behest of a weakened Tory Prime Minister hell bent on self-preservation at all costs. When asked during an interview on Sunday Politics Scotland about any deal between the weakened Tory party and the DUP that would see an increase in funding for Northern Ireland, the Secretary of State for Scotland said he would not: "support funding which deliberately sought to subvert the Barnett rules. We have clear rules about funding of different parts of the UK, those rules will need to apply. And if the funding falls within Barnett consequentials then it should come to Scotland." Patricia Gibson commented; "The Secretary of State has made it crystal clear that he will not support a deal between a weakened Tory government and the DUP which would see money going to Northern Ireland while Scotland loses out. He will be held to account on his promise by the SNP and the people of Scotland. "Theresa May cannot expect to get away with back door deals with the DUP which deprive Scotland of the funding we are entitled to just to prop up her failing government. "Any deal that would jeopardise the Barnett formula and funding for different parts of the UK is unacceptable. "This is the first test for those Tory MPs elected in Scotland. They can choose to either protect Scotland's funding and interests, or sell out to simply keep their seat on government benches. "Deals with the DUP must be fully transparent and open. Extra funding for Northern Ireland must result in Scotland receiving its entitled share through the Barnett formula."

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