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No UK Assurances Over Roaming Changes

NO UK ASSURANCES OVER ROAMING CHARGES Patricia Gibson MP has expressed her concerns that roaming charges, abolished in the EU on 15 June, may be re-imposed after Brexit. Said Patricia: "The abolition of roaming charges means that we are no longer billed excessively for making calls and sending text messages abroad. Yet the SNP Government has had no assurances whatsoever from the UK Government that it will work to ensure there is no re-imposition during Brexit negotiations. "This is an important issue for people who use mobile phones in other European countries. "There is no doubt that the abolition of roaming charges is one of many benefits arising from the digital single market. It is vital that Scottish consumers continue to benefit from that post-Brexit. "In spite of the continued lack of meaningful engagement on the part of the UK Government on any of these matters, the SNP Government will continue to engage in good faith to ensure that our interests are represented as the negotiations get under way imminently."

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