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Employment Rises and Unemployment Falls in Scotland

EMPLOYMENT RISES AND UNEMPLOYMENT FALLS IN SCOTLAND The number of Scots seeking work has fallen to 4%, matching the lowest unemployment level for 25 years, according to new Office for National Statistics figures. Unemployment in Scotland fell by 17,000 over the last quarter, by 49,000 over the last year and continues to be the lowest out of the four UK nations. The figure for the entire UK is 4.6%. Scottish employment levels also increased over the last quarter by 14,000 and by 44,000 over the last year bringing the employment level up to 74.1%. Commenting, Patricia Gibson said: “It is encouraging to see Scottish employment rising and unemployment falling to its lowest level since the recession. The news that both female and youth unemployment and employment levels in Scotland continue to outperform the UK as a whole is also very positive. “Despite tough economic times and damaging Tory austerity, our economy and jobs market has remained resilient with the support of the SNP Government’s £500 million Scottish Growth Scheme and £6,000 million infrastructure plan. However, the UK Government’s support for a hard Brexit risks thousands of Scottish jobs and serious damage to our economy. The UK Government needs to work with others to put together a new position that is truly based on the interests of the entire UK.”

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