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Manifesto Leak "Shows How Divided and Chaotic Labour Are"

MANIFESTO LEAK “SHOWS HOW DIVIDED AND CHAOTIC LABOUR ARE” Commenting on the leaked draft of Labour’s manifesto, Patricia Gibson said: “The very fact that this draft manifesto has been leaked shows how divided and chaotic the Labour party are. Most of their MPs do not even support these policies as is evident from the frequent bust-ups of recent years. “My opponent in North Ayrshire & Arran at this election claims he joined the Labour Party because of his ‘opposition to Trident.’ He clearly made the wrong political choice, as he will now have to campaign on a pro-Trident Manifesto he doesn’t believe in. “The inclusion of support for Trident renewal shows that Labour in Scotland, who oppose the renewal of a Trident system that will be based on the Clyde have been completely ignored, showing how utterly irrelevant their views are to their bosses in London. “The turmoil inside Labour shows that now more than ever, it is vital to have strong SNP voices standing up for Scotland. Only then can we protect Scotland from the dangers of an unopposed Tory Government at Westminster. “By contrast, the SNP have a strong track record of delivering for the people of Scotland, who are already benefitting from policies such as no tuition fees, free school meals, and votes at 16, often in the face of resistance from Labour in Scotland. “In particular, Labour has broken every manifesto promise they have made on tuition fees, now £9,000 a year in England, which they introduced in 1997 without any mention of such an intention in their Manifesto of that year so no one will believe a word they say now. “The real question in this election is which party is capable of preventing the Tories from doing whatever they like to Scotland. “At Westminster, the SNP have provided the only effective opposition to the Tories on austerity and their attacks on the poor, the disabled and pensioners and a vote for the SNP on the 8th of June means we’ll continue working to make Scotland the best it can be.”

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