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'Fury' In North Ayrshire & Arran Labour Party Over Imposed Teenage Candidate

'FURY’ IN NORTH AYRSHIRE & ARRAN LABOUR PARTY OVER IMPOSED TEENAGE CANDIDATE Bitter splits in North Ayrshire & Arran Labour Party have become evident after Labour’s Scottish Executive Committee imposed an 18 year old candidate on the constituency, without even the knowledge of the constituency executive. Constituency Chair Johanna Baxter - who last year wept on Television after claims of bullying by Corbyn supporters at Labour’s National Executive from which she has since been ousted – clearly expected to be the candidate. Her husband, Mark Glover tweeted: “Fury in North Ayrshire & Arran as SEC imposes 18 year old Trot on seat.” Emails leaked to the SNP show that a Special General Meeting of North Ayrshire & Arran CLP to discuss the selection today, 14 May, was banned by Labour’s Scottish Organiser Kayleigh Quinn, causing anger locally. An obviously annoyed CLP Secretary Valerie Reid said in an email to Labour members: “We will have our opportunity after the General Election to meet and discuss the selection process etc and hopefully get answers from them regarding decisions made without consultation with members. So much for Jeremy Corbyn's democratic revolution to give members more power!!” Added SNP candidate for North Ayrshire & Arran Patricia Gibson: “Not only are Labour in a state of civil war at Westminster, it clearly extends to within branches and constituencies too. Last year’s failed Holyrood candidate Johanna Baxter - she came third behind the SNP and Tories - is deeply unpopular amongst Corbynites who saw this election as a chance to impose a more malleable candidate. “With Labour fighting amongst themselves, now, more than ever it is vital to have strong SNP voices standing up for Scotland. Only then can we protect Scotland from the dangers of an unopposed Tory Government at Westminster.”

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