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SNP Protecting Our Hardworking NHS Staff


The Scottish National Party (SNP) is the “only party standing up for the NHS” and has called on both Labour and the Tories to come up with “truly ambitious” plans for the NHS rather than warm words.

The number of nurses, doctors and dentists working in Scotland’s NHS has increased, staffing is at record levels, up more than 12,200 under the SNP.

Patricia Gibson MP said:

“It is time both Labour and the Tories put forward truly ambitious plans to tackle the challenges faced by our health service as the SNP has done for the last ten years in Government.

“The Tories are guilty of systematically underfunding the NHS in England, which has serious implications for the NHS across the UK because of Barnett consequentials. The cuts in England have led people to take to the streets in protest.

“In Scotland, entry level NHS support staff are paid £1,128 more per year than their English counterparts and a Scottish band 5 nurse is up to £312 a year better off than someone doing the same job in England. Scotland has kept nursing bursaries and free tuition for nurses, while the Tories have scrapped both and applications to nursing and midwifery courses in England have plummeted 23% as a result.

“The SNP is not just investing in our health service but is focused on improving it by engaging with our medical workforce and introducing positive reform to our NHS.

“The SNP is the only party standing up for the NHS in Scotland and we will always work hard to protect our NHS from yet more Tory cuts.”

The SNP Scottish Government is investing a record £13,000 million in NHS Scotland this year and is committed to building a health service that is fit for the future.

There are no compulsory redundancies in Scotland which is highly valued by our NHS staff and Scotland’s one year job guarantee for nurse graduates is unique in the UK.

Staffing levels are higher in Scotland, waiting times lower and patient outcomes better than in the rest of the UK.

We also have free prescriptions in Scotland, free eye and dental checks and Free Personal and Nursing Care for the elderly.

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