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Caledonian Hero Unveiled in Largs

CALEDONIAN HERO UNVEILED IN LARGS Recently I attended the the launch of the Caledonian Hero in Largs which will serve The Ellen MacArthur Trust, a UK-wide organisation which supports young people in recovery from Cancer. The purchase of this yacht was made possible by the People's Postcode Lottery which donated £200,000 in addition to its ongoing support of the Trust. This yacht will be berthed in Largs Marina and will go into service to improve the lives of young people with mobility issues following treatment for cancer. The power of sailing is used by the Trust as an effective tool to help young people aged between 8 and 24 years to re-engage with education, employment and society and helps to rebuild confidence as well as providing opportunities for personal growth. I had the privilege of meeting this Trust in Westminster and really admire the work it does.

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