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Ayrshire WASPI Rally


There was an excellent turnout today for the Ayrshire WASPI rally in Kilmarnock.

I was honoured to speak at this rally, pledging my support and that of my party, for these women, alongside Alan Brown MP, Jean Freeman MSP and Philippa Whitford MP.

The WASPI woman are suffering a great injustice at the hands of this cruel Tory Government which has raised their pension age with little or no notice.

These formidable women have organised themselves into an extremely effective and dignified campaign machine. The Tory Government hopes that eventually these women will go quietly. No they won't!

They are fighting for pension justice and it is clear that an attack on these WASPI women - who have already suffered generations of pay discrimination throughout their working lives - is ultimately an attack on all women.

The fight for pension justice goes on and I have been proud to speak up for them in every single parliamentary debate on this issue so far. This issue will not go away. We will not let it! The WASPI women will not let it!

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