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UK Budget Ignores Ayrshire Growth Deal

UK BUDGET IGNORES AYRSHIRE GROWTH DEAL Patricia Gibson, local MP for North Ayrshire & Arran, has expressed her anger that last week’s UK Budget completely ignored the Ayrshire Growth Deal Said Patricia, “It was extremely disappointing that the Chancellor announced not a single penny in support of the Ayrshire Growth Deal, which requires UK Government investment of £359.8 million to develop a number of exciting projects and create the conditions to achieve a step change in inclusive economic growth and prosperity across Ayrshire. “The Deal already has the support of the three Ayrshire local authorities, the SNP Government, as well as all four Ayrshire MPs and all four Ayrshire SNP MSPs. “Following the debate I led on the Deal in the Commons just a few weeks ago, the UK Tory Government made some ‘positive noises’ about supporting it. These have come to naught. “Sadly this Budget was an opportunity lost and signals yet more austerity when the priority should be supporting economic growth through investment in initiatives such as the Ayrshire Growth Deal. “Despite our disappointment, my colleagues and I will continue to press the UK Government to deliver for Ayrshire.”

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