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Digi-Dabble Day In Kilwinning Library


It was great fun dropping into the Digi-dabble session in Kilwinning Library.

There was loads of fun for all the family and the day brought a new digital twist to Kilwinning Library.

A whole range of activities was on offer using different types of software – Osmos, Makey Makeys, Minecraft storymakers and Lego Mindstorms, 3D printer, doodle pens, robotic kits, Raspberry Pi, and Scratch coding – will provide hands-on learning and a host of fun.

Also on show was North Ayrshire's first 3D printer.

The Scottish Government is investing £76,000 in rolling out the printers across Scotland

Each library service is Scotland now has its own 3D Printing Champion tasked with overseeing the scheme. Lisa Morton, North Ayrshire Council’s lifelong learning co-ordinator, has been appointed to the position in North Ayrshire.

The 3D printer was first launched at the Digi-dabble event in Kilbirnie Library in November, where participants had the opportunity to see the printer in action.

NAC Library Service plans to demonstrate 3D printing at digital classes, homework clubs and drop-ins for adults in libraries across North Ayrshire.

It is also planned to tie in with storytelling sessions for children which would allow younger visitors to the library to hear a story, create a character and print it out.

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