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SNP Urge An End To The White Elephant Nuclear Project

Patricia Gibson MP is urging the UK Government to bring an end to the Hinkley Point nuclear power project, as trade unions in France called for EDF's investment in the plant to be declared invalid. Three French trade unions have stated that information on the delay was withheld from board members by EDF ahead of a vote approving investment, further showing the utter chaos at the very heart of this project. The SNP has repeated calls for the UK government to not simply delay the beleaguered project further, but bring an end to the proposals as soon as possible as costs to the taxpayer continue to escalate. Commenting, Patricia said: “There seems to be no end to the confusion and chaos running at the very heart of the Tory Government's nuclear power project at Hinkley; from ongoing uncertainty and delays, to problems emerging in France. Prime Minister Theresa May must pull the plug on this costly white elephant project once and for all. “More delays mean even greater costs to the taxpayer. The fact that the Tories keep finding money to pay for their obsession with both Hinkley and Trident whilst cutting vital welfare support and a host of other projects as part of their austerity agenda shows how wrong-headed and completely misguided UK Government priorities are. “As the problems at Hinkley continue to mount up, it is simply untenable to keep throwing away taxpayers money to bail it out. Experts have already stated that Hinkley is yesterday’s answer to today’s energy needs and I urge Mrs May to listen to expert opinion and take the long overdue decision to end the project for good.” Reports of trade union calls for EDF investment in the project to be declared invalid can be found on Page 22 of the Guardian, 09 August.

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