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The Honours Scandal

HONOURS SCANDAL "AN EARLY TEST OF MAY’S LEADERSHIP" AS FORMER DOWNING STREET CHIEF BLASTS “SERIOUS CORRUPTION” One of David Cameron’s most senior advisers has described the honours system as a “serious type of very British corruption” where “honours – and even places in our legislature – can be purchased for political donations”. The claim was made by Steve Hilton, a former senior aide to David Cameron. The damning criticism of the honours system follows the leaking of the former Prime Minister’s resignation nominations for honours showed Mr Cameron planned to reward a number of Tory donors, aides and MPs. Mr Hilton urged radical reform of the “rotten system”, adding to the growing pressure on the UK Government to end the practice of using the honours system as a form of political patronage. Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said: “When even Mr Cameron’s own former Downing Street advisor is accusing him of – in his words – serious corruption, it’s obvious that the former Prime Minister has well overstepped the mark of acceptability in his nominations. “Mr Cameron chose to use his resignation to hand out knighthoods and honours as a form of personal patronage, highlighting just how truly ridiculous the honours system has become. “Sadly, this sort of Cash for Honours scandal is nothing new. We’re used to both Labour and the Tories handing out gongs and seats in the Lords to their cronies and donors. “How Prime Minister Theresa May responds to this democratic outrage will be an early test of her leadership – but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an end to a system which is rotten to its core.” Mr Hilton’s remarks are reported here:

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