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DUGDALE’S CHOSEN CANDIDATE BACKS CUTS TO SCOTLAND’S BUDGET Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith has come under fire - after his claims that the Barnett formula has “seen its day” came to light. With Kezia Dugdale being clear that she will back Owen Smith against Jeremy Corbyn, Labour's leader in Scotland is now facing pressure to confirm whether she agrees with her chosen candidate’s desire to cut the Scottish budget. Owen Smith’s comments follow Dave Anderson, MP for Blaydon, Jeremy Corbyn’s England based Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, who has also criticised the Barnett formula. Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said: “It is deeply disturbing that senior Westminster figures continue to raise the spectre of axing the Barnett formula, despite all the promises made to Scotland during the referendum and Manifesto commitments not to tamper with it. “Unfortunately, an obsession with getting rid of Barnett is no longer the preserve of a few Tory backbenchers. Prominent Labour and Tory front benchers are adding their voices. “Given that Kezia Dugdale is backing Owen Smith for the Labour leadership, she now needs to say whether she agrees with his plans to cut Scotland’s budget." ENDS

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