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Scottish Economic Growth Outstrips UK

Patricia has welcomed new figures showing Scotland’s economy grew by 1.9% in 2015 despite continuing challenges to the energy sector as a result of lower oil prices and a period of significant difficulty for the export market, due to the strength of Sterling.

Figures also show that Scottish Gross Domestic Product per head grew by 1.6% in 2015, which compares to the UK figure of 1.5%.

Commenting, Patricia said:

“It is welcome news that the economy is continuing to grow despite a number of significant challenges. The growth in the service sector, which accounts for around three-quarters of our economic output, is particularly welcome.

“Scotland's economy has recovered steadily from recession under the SNP, despite the huge global economic challenges which have emerged since coming to office.

“In a few short years, the SNP has prevented the closure of Prestwick Airport; secured a bright future for a Scottish steel industry facing collapse; found a new buyer for Ferguson’s shipyard, which is now booming, and also prevented the UK Government from robbing Scotland of £7,000 million.

“Under the SNP, Scotland currently has record levels of people in work and, for the first time, higher average pay than in England. On top of that the number of businesses in Scotland has gone up by over 90,000 since the SNP took office in 2007 and apprenticeship numbers have rocketed by 99% in North Ayrshire.

“Our record on jobs, inward investment and exports is a very good one, and voters next month have the chance to make sure that progress is maintained by giving both votes to the SNP.”

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