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Patricia Visits Arran Distillery

Following her recent speech at Westminster on the contribution of Scotch whisky to the UK economy, North Ayrshire & Arran MP, Patricia Gibson visited the Arran Distillery and was given a tour by James MacTaggart, Arran Distillery Manager.

Commenting, Patricia said:

“Whisky distilleries are important employers in communities which might otherwise find it hard to sustain them and are also strongly aligned with wider tourism activities in rural economies.

“A tour of the distillery is an essential part of any comprehensive visit to Arran, allowing connoisseurs and enthusiastic amateurs alike to sample the wonderful range of whiskies on offer.

“It is important to recognise the contribution that the iconic Scottish industry makes to the UK economy, adding more than £5,000 million in value and supporting over 40,000 jobs. Scotch whisky accounted for 21% of UK food and drink exports in 2014. Last year 99 million cases were exported worldwide, earning £135 per second to the UK balance of trade. Without Scotch whisky the UK’s trade gap would have been 11% wider.

“I was very interested in the whisky making process, as explained by Mr MacTaggart, and to hear the exciting plans the Distillery has for development and expansion of production at Lagg which will create employment and encourage more visitors to Arran.”

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