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SNP Scupper Fox Hunting Vote

Due to firm opposition from the SNP, I am delighted to say that the Tories have withdrawn their attempts to relax the UK’s foxhunting ban.

I am pleased that the SNP has been able to tackle this important animal welfare issue and understand that the Scottish Government will also take steps to ensure that Scottish legislation is as robust as it can be.

Commenting on Radio 4's Today programme, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon explained:

“Since the election, David Cameron’s government has shown very little respect to the mandate that Scottish MPs have. On the Scotland bill, reasonable amendments backed by the overwhelming majority of Scottish MPs have been voted down. The English votes for English laws proposals brought forward go beyond any reasonable proposition and look to make Scottish MPs effectively second-class citizens in the House of Commons.

“So, I think if there’s an opportunity – as there appears to be here – and on an issue where David Cameron appears to be out of touch with majority English opinion as well, to actually remind the government how slender their majority is.”

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